How can I write an essay topic in English?

If you feel essay writing can be a daunting task, you are not alone in this. There are many students who find it one of the most stressful parts of learning, especially at higher education levels. This feeling is mainly caused when strong writing skills have not been developed from an early stage.

But amends can certainly be made in such a situation. The best thing about skills is that you can acquire them at any age with the right guidance. So, without testing your patience anymore, here are some of the most effective tips on writing you can find.

  1. Planning your essay

This phase can be rather time-consuming so be prepared for that. If you give an ample amount of thought and effort to planning, the rest of the process will be quicker. You will have everything in order beforehand to craft your essay around.

Think of it as a framework to set your essay upright. You might find yourself stuck at this point a bit. Brainstorming can help you get over the initial writing block. Write down any relevant idea which is coming into your mind even if it doesn’t seem very good. Once the process is triggered your brain will start pumping bigger and better points.

  • Your structure must be clear

Essays require a logical structure for development. All the points and arguments you present in it must come together to form a cohesive whole. A standard essay has three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introductory paragraph contains a brief overview of the topic. This section will also contain a thesis statement to make your stance and argument clear to the reader. The introduction will then transition to body paragraphs. Here you can bring forth each argument while supporting it with valid literary evidence. Make sure each paragraph contains a separate idea.

The final paragraph will be the conclusion of your essay. It will sum up all the points you have made in your work. Be mindful of not including anything new at this point. It is best if the last lines leave a resounding thought in the reader’s mind. Try to connect them with the thesis statement to create a sense of closure.

  • Research and sources

Research is key to any well-written academic piece. You must read a lot in order to produce insightful results for a study. When your professor hands over the essay topic, gear yourself up for some extensive research. Do not leave this step for the last minute as it is pretty time-consuming. But without it you can virtually get nowhere in essay writing.

There are plenty of resources which you can refer to for researching. In many cases, your teacher also recommends set text with the assignment description. Even you do not receive it, texts and material used in class can give you a general idea. For further reading, delve into the library and online academic material. Keep in mind though, that your chosen sources must be scholarly and known in your field.

  • Revise and review

The biggest mistake you can make is submitting an essay without reviewing it. Read through your work from beginning to the end with a clear mind. This will help you identify any errors related to grammar, spelling, and sentence structures. Having your essay proofread by another person also helps immensely.

Here ends our guide for writing a successful essay in English language. For more help you can reach our experts at best essay mills writing company. We specialize in all topics and fields. Our professionals are ready round the clock to offer your professional advice and assistant.  

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