Refund Policy

We at Essay Mills, make sure to provide our customers with maximum flexibility. If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of work, we have designed refund policy in such case. The client can make use of this policy under following conditions.

Late delivery of the order:

Being one of the most trusted names in the academic service providers, we attempt our best to make on-time delivery to our potential clients. We always ensure that our client must track his order and we encourage them to stay in touch with our customer service team to prevent any issues. This happens rarely and the clients are free to investigate the reason for being late right in the tracking time. If the client still wants to use the refund policy then it can be used in the following conditions.

  • If the deadline of your assignment is missed and now it has become useless and cannot be submitted then you can ask for complete refund. Kindly notice, the deadline mentioned while placement of order would be considered only.
  • If the order is delivered after the mentioned deadline and the teacher has subtracted your marks for submitting the assignment late then a decided percentage of amount would be refunded back. Kindly make sure to show authentic evidence to avail the policy.
Low-quality of paper

We have a trusted name among the audience in providing professional academic service and we have never came across any such complain. Still, if you feel disappointed that the quality of the paper is low then you can use the refund policy in following conditions:

  • We always provide our clients with Turnitin file to avoid the plagiarism issue, but still if you find 100% plagiarism, and you want to use refund policy then you must show authentic evidence. We ask our customers to let us know about any such issue right in the beginning so we can get over this.
  • We have a team of skilled writers with us and they ensure to produce a high-quality paper. We also encourage our customers to avail the flexibility of revision so they must not feel dissatisfaction. But if you believe that the paper is of low-quality and you don’t want to go for revision then you must prove that the paper is evidence of non-professionalism and poor quality and ask for refund.
  • If you use the revision policy, then you won’t be able to use refund option.
  • Once you have requested for the refund because of the low-quality of the paper, then our expert writers will scan the paper and if the claim you made would be found relevant, your money will be returned.
  • We encourage our clients to inform us about any flaws and issues in the paper. We highly recommend our potential clients to check the provided file keenly and make sure to notify us regarding the issue right at the moment.
Incomplete delivery of the paper

Our expert proofreaders are very keen about every single document. They make sure to check it properly, thus we have never experienced any issue of incomplete orders and documents. But if this uncertainty happens with you and you receive incomplete paper, kindly make sure to get in contact with our 24/7 customer service instantly. If you don’t get the answer within two business days then you can ask for the refund.

Issues during payment

It is very common to face technical issues during the payment method. If you come across any of the following issues then do get in contact with us.

  • If you receive any extra charges or the amount has been transferred two times then you come up with evidence to the customer service team and can ask for the money back of extra subtracted charges.
  • Mostly these issues arise from the payment companies and we recommend our clients to resolve any of these technical issues with the payment companies at first.
6 hours cancellation policy:

If you want to cancel your order because of any reasons, then you can go for it but only within the next 6 hours. After this time limit, you won’t be able to cancel your order. In the same way, you can switch the order with the placed one. The changes in charges will be according to the number of pages, deadlines, and academic level.

Failed paper

This scenario has never appeared because we have a team of skilled writers who win the satisfaction and trust of the clients. However, if you still get fail and get F grade in the paper which is done by our team then you are free to make a claim within the period of three weeks. Kindly note, the limited time period begins from the day of your submission.

Significant conditions that you must know:
  • Method of claiming refund

    If you have requested the refund request or you have faced any technical issue of being charged twice for a single order then, we highly recommend you to get in touch with client support team and have a communication with them so the mandatory actions could be taken right at the moment. The claim also must be made in the in the duration of three weeks when the order has been delivered to you. Please note that there is no interference allowed from the third party i.e. credit card facilitators or other legal authorities in the matters of refund

  • Refund duration

    It directs towards the duration of time period in which the potential clients are highly encouraged to ask for refund. Overall, the duration for the refund is three weeks. The estimated period which is count starts from the deadline given by the client while placing the order and it is available till the last day of three weeks. If you would claim after the given time period it will not be acceptable.

  • Chargeback

    Essay Mills and our client support team strictly prohibit the customers for the chargeback. We request and recommend our potential clients to get in contact with our client support team to get the problem solved instantly. However, if the customer found in the case of chargeback, he will be considered as the fraudulent in our systems. Further, if someone is found using our services and products for the wrong purposes then Essay Mills is open to take every legal and strict action against him/her.

  • Refund proceeding and finalization

    Essay Mills takes almost 48 hours to analyze the matter and take the issue to QAD then it is reported to the higher management for refund. We request our clients to cooperate and stay patient till the matter gets resolved. Once the request of refund is approved, the money will be delivered within the next 24 hours.

    • Kindly note, refund is only applicable if the above mentioned terms and conditions are satisfied and the Quality Assurance Department approves the case.
    • Complete refund is directly equals to the 90% payment that is aid by the customer. The 10% amount of the transaction cost along with the other service charges will be subtracted.