How do you write an argumentative essay?

Writing essays could be one of the most daunting tasks in my entire life. A lot of us do not like to write essays but let me share a secret with you, essay writing is done in order to enhance our writing skills and to help us so we could reflect our ideas about any topic in our own way and perspective.

All of us have hated the practice of writing essays and applications in schools but this is what we all need when we enter in our professional life.

Being in college and university told us how important it was to master the skills of essay writing!

Now when we are already talking about the writing of essays, let us narrow down the broad umbrella of essay writing!

In this quick fix guide, I have compiled tips and tricks to write an argumentative essay. So let’s jump in!


Understanding the topic of the essay efficiently could be very difficult for the students and penning it down in the form of an essay is itself another struggle of the debate itself!

The topics of essays are always belonging to different types of essay writing mainly; descriptive, narrative, expository, argumentative, persuasive, analytical, and reflective.

Basically, the argumentative essay is the type of essay that requires an individual to investigate the topic right from the scratch. The writer of that particular essay is himself responsible for the collection, generation, and evaluation of the data and evidence.

Argumentative essays require massive research and are written in a concise and precise manner.

The motive of writing an argumentative essay is to create a position on an issue by providing major pieces and reasons of evidence. Some students are unable to bring strong evidence for their topic and they need to take the help of experts from essay writing service UK


Writing an outstanding argumentative essay could be perplexing and overwhelming. But if you want to stand out then your argumentative essay must include,

  • A unique and captivating topic that could encourage the reader to read
  • Explanation and consideration from all perspectives reliably
  • An essay should be compelling enough to persuade the reader for a new perspective
  • Strong evidence for the validation of presented arguments

Below is a breakage of the steps that you should follow while writing an argumentative essay.

Introductory paragraph:

The first paragraph of the essay should be strong and relevant to the topic. Writing a compelling and strong introductory paragraph provides the reader with the background information.

Thesis statement:

Argumentative essays and thesis statements are connected together as this is the backbone of the essay. Take care, thesis statement must also be a concise and short summary of your main claim.

Body paragraphs:

The body paragraphs include the content that explains the reasons in support of your thesis statement. Back up the claims with examples, researches, statistics, studies, and text citations.


The conclusion is the restating of the thesis and must summarize all the valid claims perfectly. A good conclusion could appeal to the reader’ emotions and a new perspective.


This guide would help you to craft a great argumentative essay. Strong argumentative essays have a clear and captivating thesis statements that you can create by turning your topic into a question and then answering it. You must state an argument and then refute it to create a great thesis statement. Shreds of evidence in relevance to the topic would also make the essay unique!

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