Are you facing the same lacking of a convincing problem? Then this article will cater to address your issue very well.

I agree more with your stance that persuading someone is the pretty must tough challenge in life. Persuasion is referred to as to convince as that requires the potential convincing skills in an individual.

What is a persuasive letter?

Most people do not have such potential to convince others. Persuasion through writing is more critical than in oral communication.

So the persuasion letter requires a fusion of both writing and convincing as it is very to the point and straightforward.

The persuasive letter is a kind of letter that is purposefully written concerning to senders’ issue to convince the higher-profile authority or any organization. It can be a bank, NGO, school, university, CEO, government officials, etc.

Steps of Persuasive Letter:

If you want that your targeted audience must agree with you, then you need to write the persuasive letter in a strong yet convincing way. Here are basic steps you should be aware of and must keep in mind before heading towards writing a persuasive letter:

Stay clear with the argument:

Before heading towards writing a persuasive letter, you should be very clear about the subject matter or the letter’s purpose, as it is not easy to persuade anyone to agree.

You should have the clear subject of the letter along with complete details. If you have the clarity regarding the subject very well, you better present your argument.

Analyze the read and present statement:

After clarifying the letter’s purpose, your next step will be to know and critically analyze your reader well. Try to find the belief, weak areas, behavior, and strength of your reader.

By following this way, you will confidently write the letter. In their report, an expert writer from stated that in a persuasive letter, the writer should try to better incorporate the solution about the reader’s issue.

Incorporate the final appeal:

You should incorporate the final appeal in a very convincing manner. Do not complete it in rude style just before the conclusion paragraph of your persuasion letter.

The final appeal should be in a very confident style in order to get the readers second thoughts and opinions to your requirements or logical arguments on which the letter is based.

Persuasive Writing Tips:

Before heading towards the writing process of the persuasive letter, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Do you think that your arguments are valid?
  • Make sure you should do some research before writing a persuasive letter.
  • You should know that you are not always right when presenting your reasons.

Therefore, it is important to find some professionals or opposition for you.

  • Your letter should be properly formatted.
  • You should be very clear about the subject matter of the letter?
  • Will your letter be confident enough to convince your reader?


This article is very helpful for those who want to convince someone through a persuasive letter and lack convincing skills. By following this pattern and tips, your reader will be compelled to agree with your argument.

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