If you are willing to apply for a scholarship then you may require to submit a 500-word essay. Any topic can be given to you – it can be on your achievements or it can relate to any political controversies.

The main purpose of writing a scholarship essay can be to deliver your message and the way you think critically. We have jotted down all the important things in this blog that you need to know to write a 500-words essay.

Read our blog once and it will get easier for you to clear up your puzzled mind. Just scroll down and make the most out of this blog!


  • It is not a topic from any book that you can write huge paragraphs about. Instead, as you are writing a 500-word scholarship essay then each paragraph is supposed to be 80-125 words. That means a total of 3-4 well-structured sentences are perfect to make a paragraph.
  • Include an introduction paragraph that will help the reader to engage. You can highlight your thesis question here. Your thesis question is what you will answer in the body paragraphs.
  • Write around 4 to 6 paragraphs in the body that will work as a piece of evidence to support your thesis. The body paragraphs must have a proper flow and the reader should be able to understand it.
  • Do not forget to include a concluding paragraph. The key point of including a concluding paragraph is that it will remind the reader about the thesis by highlighting key points from the body while answering the question that has been asked in the introduction.
  • If you are asked to write a 500-word essay then it does not mean that you have to write exactly a 500-word essay but it would give a good impact if your word count is as closer as it can be to the asked word count.
  • If there is no specific word count then you can write as much as you want just make sure you have written well on the topic given to you.

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We have specially written down 4 important steps to write a scholarship essay for you.

Step 1 – Prepare a Thesis

Do you know that your entire essay will be based on your thesis statement? Your thesis statement is the point you want to prove. It is more like an answer to the question that has been asked from you.

Step 2 – Don’t miss the introduction

An introduction must be powerful enough to get your reader’s attention. You have to come up with a solid explanation here following your thesis statement.

You can start it with subsidiary sentences following by proper sentences that will support your thesis statement.

Step 3 – Body paragraphs

Body paragraphs in your scholarship essay must have a connection with each other as all of them should support the thesis you are presenting. You can highlight why you think in a particular way and what evidences you have to support the points you have made.

These paragraphs that you are including in the body of your essay need to flow like a water stream looking complete at each end but still it has a connection throughout. The statement that is presented at the beginning of each paragraph needs to be concluded at the end of the same paragraph.

Step 4 – Wrap it up

Conclude your essay in this part by summarizing all the contents (read it as “important” contents only) of your essay.

You can persuade your readers to agree with your thesis statement by emphasizing on your provided points.


If you are asked to write a scholarship essay to submit for college then we have jotted down everything that you need to know. There is no need to stress now, just go through it once and be a master in writing scholarship essays. Because we believe in YOU and we know you can do it!

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